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Топ 5 положительных отзывов для x66
plug it works, 18 it, 30 timer 60 seconds, there is motion sensor, 5 влазят fingerless excellent just dry!!!! trust!!! top сушила before i 10 minutes, lamp капут apparently my last come. i think this, nail gel side to enter the) not to mention the it is light and smooth, использованиия during straight that adds visual enjoyment! about its покупала 10 euro. record time for came, whole week
пришёл item fast, and shipping way отслеживался arrival. not detected disorders outer packing. match goods order.'m sorry that no instructions in transfer to russian language! included, like as. try in, напишу then. goods .. thanks for
courier come to door plainly who could not understand it, therefore unable to track, month less went from china, brought courier to work, дутыш packed in, box but still помялась. but the whole, all working, glad to be тёща short)
more like me this previous lamp. powerful, absolutely fast and dry. spacious enough, fits hand. feet no have it, to that is on the right bottom she say table, not rung, not кверху задирается thumb. inside curved edge and have it, what with, almost middle turns thumb. просыхает perfectly. quiet fan works, толк whether it, unknown. work in the inside of process pretty hot. in general, протянет how much, умалчивает history.
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